WFC 2013

01 March 2013

Do you like sports, especially floorball? Would you like to be a part of this year's biggest floorball event in the world? To enjoy a first-hand experience of the unrepeatable atmosphere of a sports tournament, to see the backstage, and to be virtually in touch with the world' best teams and players?

Then join the organizing team at the Women's World Floorball Championships 2013 and become a part of TEAM 2013! Help us promote this event and raise it to an even higher level! Support the Czech team in their battle for a golden reward and enjoy this exceptional sports experience from close-up.

It has been proven by the past years that organizing teams are the spirit and the basis of all international sports events. Get involved in the preparations and become a part of the Women's World Championships. The Czech team will try to attack medal positions in Brno and Ostrava, and the organizers will try to break the world record in overall attendance in the history of women's world championships. Help us achieve these goals and be a part of historical and unrepeatable floorball moments.

The men's championships in 2008 broke attendance records and started floorball's rapid rise to the position of the second biggest sport in the Czech Republic. Five years later, the 2013 World Championships is to seal the development of women's floorball. The historically first women's championships in the Czech Republic will be hosted by Brno and Ostrava between 7 and 15 December 2013. It will introduce a completely new tournament system, which is being implemented by the International Floorball Federation (IFF). It will be first applied at this event in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we will have a chance to watch interesting and tight games between the Czech Republic and Switzerland or Sweden and Finland already in the preliminary group stage! The new system brings about many more attractive games and teams that seem to be weaker on the paper may make it all the way to the medal games.

Similarly to the men's championships in 2008, which broke attendance records, the organizers have the same goals for this year's women's championships. The highest overall attendance in the history of women's floorball championships is held by the last championships in Switzerland (28,180 spectators). Also we would like to attack the single-game record (final game in Sweden in 2009 – 4,521 spectators) as well as the Czech record in a women's indoor sport, which was set in 2010 at the final game of the Women's World Basketball Championships in Karlovy Vary (6,052 spectators).

Since organization of international events in the Czech Republic has always been evaluated positively by the IFF, we have high, but not unreal, goals for this year's World Championships too. There's a long way and lots of work ahead of us, but we will surely make it together.

Be a part of the action; join the TEAM 2013!


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